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Hello Friends and music friends
welcome at our websites !

No-Wonder.net and many other generic domain projects are here to serve you.

We offer true and family friendly information and we work on an audio project, using a special combination of hightech and thousand of years old techniques  for relaxing.

It goes along with some golden cosmic rules, including the  usage of a theoretical quant-computer - THE BRAIN  everybody normally should have one :-).

We were forced to rename the project Tele-Kom for that to the name Hypno-Sys, so in the near future, you'll get this Hypnotic System and all Products at




Hypno-Systems for your health exclusively.

Websites not opened yet!

Please remember we already work on this in different languages, but we'll need some time until all is done.

We also support free speak on the Net as well as family friendly Websites.

We develop our Projects to help people and because of  your help, we're able to solve all Problems coming from untolerant people, till now.

You can support us in an easy way with a reciprocal link, or by a sponsor visit.

,You may also install our free searchbox on your website.

Thank You very much, more info is coming soon...



We are creating our own professional recording Studio at the moment, to provide you  with our newest song Ideas at best quality in future. Pictures of this work are coming soon, because we are also working on the Prototype of a new kind of recording cabin, no one has used before in that way.

With this special cabin we are able to record a new form of relaxing voice supported instrumental music.

This music will help you to solve your problems by using a special auto hypnosis technic.

More content about us, our music and our projects will come soon.

Thank you for your visit, please come back again.


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