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How does it work? Why is Test The Rest different ?

Hello Seekers and Welcome to our Link Directory.

How to use Test The Rest .Info ?
Our Target is to provide You with an Extra of Information. And you can active help us to create
a clean and familie friendly link search engine together.

First Option:
Search our Link Portal by using the Themes as a startpoint for the link race. Ad your favourite Category to the link themes or ad your favourite Websites to a fitting theme.

There are many Links and sites out there, and only god knows what is awaiting you,
before you do a click. We are offering proofed websites with our anti cheat voting system,
only human users can operate, what is an own idea production.
We suggest to every new user to create an extra email adress, just for voting.
We do not want to collect your personal data, except a working email for vote and command functions.You may vote or report a Theme and/or a website andUsing this Option,
brings You the best garanty, that you'll find the Top 10.000 links
Real users prefer here at Test The Rest that they can be active.You can get much extra Information from hundreds of Banner or Product Pictures or you disable all banner.
Some Pages contain more than 200 Quality-Links, but we need a deeper structure of subcategories

So if you search and hit a main theme like LAW-JUSTICE
You will find some related Subthemes there as an example. At the moment only a few, but we can go much deeper together in future.
Sorry, Illegal, adult/ porn sites, hate sites or other offending Websites are not allowed at Test The Rest.You as a verified user can vote or Report a website, you can also give comments to Theme Links
, or commands to visited Links with request for a Themechange.
You can also help to create new Subthemes for an existing main theme by using the vote function.

Webmasters and owner of existing website can become certified Partners and get a
link Status window added to the link.
We verify personally every Website and give a status certificate
with extra Link Info to Bonus and Premium Partners.
This is comletely free if a webmaster joins our free Bonus program.
More Info at ad URL.Voting and report email accounts like will be deleted 2 times per month comletely withall containing mails votings, reports and commands.
Non of our voting email addresses will exist more than 4 weeks, to avoid spamming
and protect your transfered email adresses.
With every complete database uptdate there will be new voting adresses.
We do Complete Updates 2 times per month in all pages.
Let us work together at this project.
It may last some Time until all is finished, but the result is one of the best search resources in the web.
Why? - Because nowhere else are many real existing people, building a link resource that exactly mirrors their needs.
This works only with our New Bonus Score System, together with your votings suggestions, commands and comments.
More info about available commands are coming soon, when the test period is finished.For Advertiser there are different types of active link Partnerships available,
but finally only the most voted and mostinteresting websites,
will climb to top of the differnet Theme score listings.

Second Option:
You can use our fast search Tool. Enter up to 5 Keywords descriping Your Interest.
You're ONLY! searching our own link Page results in more than 100 Top-Themes.
- No-Outgoing Search or Search-Fakes, No-PopUp's, No-Edonkey, No-Spam ==> No-Wonder. -

You'll see the Results sorted by Letter A-Z without any Banner advertising.For betterloading time the Results only show the first 150 Link Data
Every Search Request opens in a new Window to get less results you can enter more keywords! Best Search results at the use of 2 or 3 Keywords.

Webmasters are invited to ad our Free Search Tool to their Websites, to become Bonus Partner Status - we keep it open for all.
If You do so, Your Website will get a Bonus Ranking at our Theme Links including Your Title, description and extra Info .
More Info on adding a Free Search to Your Website CLICK HERE

Third Option (coming soon):
We're working hard at or to get a clean and strong directory
To switch every time and everywhere at our Pages betweenNon-Banner Version and With-Banner Version with a single Click or changing sortings from Score to name isa extra option what is available
If You have a slower Connection we suggest to use the non-banner Version of Test the rest, to save loading Time.
Please bookmark us and come back.The best websites with good offers cannot exist without Visitors.

Give in a URL to see, if it already is listed. Give in only the name of Your domain like: or

Search Our Link Directory

Use spaces to separate your keywords
Our Globe is placed next to partner links letting our visitors know you are alink partner.

All this is for free without any extra costs, You only place a link to us anywhere on Your Website.

To apply to a Partner or bonus programm, include your URL address , reciprocal url and true extra info.

To be listed in the Link Directory needs the following info:

  • Your web site's Title
  • a brief Description
  • your URL address
  • the Theme page where your link appears
  • Number of your pages and circa number of hyperlinks

Don't try cheating and say you have 3.000 Pages and 15.000 hyperlinks, if it's not true.
  • Much fun with test the rest !

Click here to add Your web site to our Link Page.

© Copyright No-Wonder Productions

These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.
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