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The Dancing Ass - animated cartoon butt soon to run for President !
The Dancing Ass ran for Governor of California & although he didn't win, he continues to provide the ultimate in public service messages - such as his Tushie Nickname Generator. A plentitude of goods
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Jokes - Office jokes, Politics jokes Medical jokes
A repository of jokes on various popular categories. Features Bar jokes, College jokes, Sports jokes and lots more Animal jokes,Anti- jokes,Bartender jokes,Blonde jokes,Bush jokes,Children jokes
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Pranks, Gags, Fake Bullet Holes, Fart Machines, Fun Gifts, Unique Gifts Unique pranks, gags, and fun gift ideas for everyone, including jokes, humor, gags, pranks, fake bullet holes, beanie babies, jokevelopes, magnetic bumper stickers, fart machines
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Funny T-shirts - Quotes, Jokes and Slogans
Funny t-shirts with quotes are featured along with famous sayings, slogans, and jokes.
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Certified: 2/2004 Status: BONUS PARTNER
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The source for thousands of free funny pictures, jokes, quotes, comics, and message board, including a hilarious community.
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Bust a gut - jokes, comics, humor
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Welcome to Here you will find funny video, funny music, and
funnybody, funny video, funny, funnybody loves you, funny music, funny pictures, funny websites, home video
16_pages found, 20_links there,19001_Bonus-Points Visit me now Daily Funpages - Emusing Humor Network
† † Enter Your Email: † 10Roses KittyPounce Peace InThe Valley VirtualHoroscope MirrorMirror Funpages Mirror Mirror Winders XP:Redneck VS You're So Hot (Flash) The Driving Permit No Fear (Flash) No N
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Welcome to Tons of funny pictures, jokes, movies clips, soun
Tons of funny pictures to email your friends. We have lots of jokes, sound files, movies, and more.
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Daily Nookie - Humor for Men & Women
Free Funny jokes and pictures - updated daily
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Jokes 'n Fun Jokes, Cartoons, Movie Clips, Online Games, Funny Downloads, a is a Joke and Humor site with Joke Archives, Cartoons, Movie Clips, Online Games, Funny Downloads, Links, Free E-Mail and Free Joke Mailing List... so, what are you waiting for? Check it
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Humor Asylum - funny pictures, jokes, humor, photos, cartoons, and comics! - Humor, Funny pictures, Photos, Jokes, Naughty pictures, Greetings and Cartoons - Updated Daily
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Hundreds of hilarious funny pictures, jokes, cartoons, and parodies, updated daily. Blonde jokes, redneck jokes, Osama bin Laden jokes and more!
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Awesome Funny Pictures and Hilarious Photos
A hilarious collection of the funniest funny pictures and photos on the net!
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Funny Jokes and Funny Pics from Daytona Bike Week - Hot Bar Jokes
Find bar jokes, funny jokes, pics, cartoons, bar listings, and even hotbar skins and drunk pics.
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Funny Jokes - jokes at funny joke net
Funny Jokes - jokes at funny joke net
22_pages found, 19_links there,34251_Bonus-Points Visit me now, comics, animated gif, and flash...
We have over 8,900 Cartoons, Jokes, Games, Flash Cartoon, Free Games, Animation, Funny Pictures. We are in the business to make you laugh!!! More fun than ferrets on No-Doz!!! Updated weekly.
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One Fun - Funny Pictures and Cool Jokes!
Funny Pictures and Cool Jokes. Updated every day!
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Dirty cartoons, funny pictures, funny pics & photos!
funny pictures, dirty cartoons, dirty pics,humor,jokes,fun
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The best Humor on the web. 900+ Jokes, 1500+ Wallpapers, Tons of Movies, Sounds and Online Games.. You'll laugh until you pee your pants!
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altoJokes: high quality jokes collection
huge collection of highly selective jokes and humor
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Sex Cartoons, Dirty Jokes, Adult Comics, XXX Photos, Funny Adult Pictures f
Find Out Your Horoscope! COOL! Free Snowy Screensaver! Home Adult Comics Clean Comics Dirty Cartoons Clean Cartoons Daily Cartoon Hot Pictures Dirty Jokes Subscribe Humor Links Bookmark Us Link To Us
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Riddles and Jokes .com
Tons of riddles, jokes, brainteasers, jokes funny fun, laugh laughter comedy, comics riddles, one-liners redneck blonde, quotes stories, humor rude, laugh laughter comedy, comics riddles, one-liners r
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Free, clean, family friendly jokes,
Free, clean, family friendly jokes, mature "adult" jokes, giggles and riddles delivered to your email everyday!.
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Funny Stuff - Funny Pictures - Funny Pics
Send free funny pop greeting cards to your friends freaturing funny pictures. Visit now for the funniest pictures, jokes, and greeting cards.
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Jokes Gallery - Huge archive of free jokes!
Huge archive of free jokes, categorized in over 20 categories. You can find here jokes about blondes, men, women, computers, political, religous and many more!
51_pages found, 37_links there,25001_Bonus-Points Visit me now the A-Z jokes directory, a huge a-z collection of funny jokes about every subject you could imagine.
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No Partner link resources
eFunnyJokes - Funny jokes, pictures, ecards and stories updated daily.
The Funniest Jokes, Pictures, eCards and Stories On The Web" meta name="keywords" content="funniest jokes, Airline Humor, Animal Jokes, Black Jokes, Blonde Jokes, Clinton Jokes, Computer Jokes, D...
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Comedian - The best Blog that you're not reading. No, not you, that guy!
"As soon as anyone says anything nice about this blog, you can be sure I'll post it here." -- E. Blake Front page Blog Archive Comedian Extra quis custodiet ipsos custodes? FavoriteSearches Elsie Lee...
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Blithering Idiot "...every village needs one..."
still thinking about it...
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Funny Page - Funny Jokes - Funny Pictures Photos and Cartoons
† Join My Mailing Lists and get funny things sent to you in mail! Click here to share funnies in mail. † † † Chat Room WTC True Facts Freebie Page Not all cat's like mice Penis Tree Kiss me! Male or ...
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fishfaced ...a sunny place for shady people
-=||fishfaced||=- a sunny place for shady people Fishfaced Links the fishfaced archives feedback humor and entertainment the onion something awful brunching shuttlecocks scrappleface herd of sheep bb...
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Funny Pics - funny pics archive, priceless pics, mastercard, sexy girls.
Funny Pics organised into categories like Priceless Pics, Dirty Adult Cartoons, Adult Pictures and Sexy Girls...
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Fun Pages, Funny Pictures, Funny Movies, eGreetings -
Offering FREE Funny Flash Greetings, Funny Pictures, Funny Movies, Fun Pages & E-Greetings to have fun with and share! meta name="robots" content="ALL...
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Baseball humor, jokes, quotes, fun and entertainment
Dedicated to the best baseball humor, baseball jokes, baseball quotes, fun and entertainment, Jokes about all of your favourite baseball players, major league teams, spectators, umpires, in fact anyth...
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Funny Pictures - Priceless Funny Pictures and Funny Pictures
Online Joke Shop Funny Pictures Funny T-Shirts Adult Pictures Daily Funny Pictures Funny Pictures Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8 Gallery 9 Gallery 10 ...
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Funny Pictures - Greeting cards, games, flash movies, free hentai movies, n
The source for hundreds of free funny pictures, jokes, quotes, comics, movies and games, including free ecards gallery....
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All The Funny Videos, Movies, Flash Movies, Hilarious Sounds and Prank Prog
Funny downloads including funny videos, amusing movies, advertisements, online fun flash games, spoofs, parodies, music, sounds, funny programs, files and prank software all for free...
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Embarrassing Stories - True funny moments to laugh at!
Search the web: Debt Consolidation Greeting Cards Weight Loss Viagra Online Gambling Work From Home Make Money Link Partners: PrankPlace - Great Prank Gifts! Funny Celebrity Pics Cartoons Cartoon! Jo...
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Cartoonist Stewart Neill and STEWTOONS Store
cartoonist Stewart Neill available for your cartooning needs. STEWTOONS store for cartoon products. cartoonists ring....
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Crazy Funny Pictures
to Crazy Funny Pictures! Webmasters!!!$$ Make Money $$! Advertising † Great Stuff! Liquid Sexual Desire! FREE Cool Taskbar Cuckoo! Free CD Software! $$ 1 MILLION DOLLAR BILLS!! $$ Create Your Own Chr...
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filthy cartoons and adult humor
Free adult humor. Hundreds of naughty cartoons and funny pictures, games, greeting cards, jokes and more. ...
155_pages found, 6_links there,40529_Bonus-Points Visit me- : Funny Pictures and Cartoons based on Books and Movies
Welcome to, the best place on the net for funny cartoons and funny pictures based on humor puns and wordplays on movies and books. Enjoy :-) Enter our funny cartoons and funny picture...
2_pages found, 4_links there,6068_Bonus-Points Visit me- Homepage
We have all your favorite comic strips and editorial cartoons including Peanuts, Dilbert, Luann, Get Fuzzy, and much, much more! One stop where you can catch up on over 90 features, get customized pro...
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FunGrams - Free Greeting Cards & FunPages!
† Answer Correctly And Win $25! Get FREE FunGrams In Your Email! † BUSTED! Don't Click Here Osama's Baby Picture Send-A-Smile HaHa! † † - HaHa! - HaHa II - Duh! - Stressed Prayer - Rednecks FBI - BUS...
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Funny Jokes and Funny Pictures from Funny Pop
funny jokes, funny stuff, pics, pictures, freebies, freestuff, funnies, freebes, frebees, hot, kewl...
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Funny Pictures - Funny Dogs and Dog Pictures
† † † † Funny Pictures Funny Screensavers Dog Pictures Funny Jokes Funny Dog Pictures Join the Dog-E-Zine! † Net Search Funny Jokes Animal Jokes Cat Jokes Dog Jokes Holiday Cards Christmas Cards East...
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Asian Jokes And Humor
Funny Asian jokes and humor, pictures, mp3, sound, stories, and videos of Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Singaporean, and Taiwanese ethnic satire....
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ComikZone's Funny Video Clips
This website features lots of crazy, funny videos with voice overs and sound effects! You can download video clips as well as funny pictures and audio files! There's just tons of dumb movies and sound...
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Funny Funny Pictures - Priceless Funny Pictures and Funny Pictures
FUNNY FUNNY PICTURES Get funny pictures in e-mail! My favorite funny pictures: Cool Optical Illusion Name That Song THE INSANITY TEST What's Wrong With This Picture? Limp Euro Penis Beany Babies for ...
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free daily funny jokes of the day
JOKES of the Get your daily dose of free funny jokes!! funny blonde jokes, redneck jokes, golf jokes and many more in your email funny jokes funny cartoons trivia questions word puzzles †††††...
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All Funny Pictures - funny pic of the day, cartoons, funnny quotes, big jok
The source for hundreds of free funny pictures, jokes, quotes, comics, and games, including a weird celebrity gallery....
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Adult Funny Pictures Gallery : hundreds of Funny Pictures, dirty cartoons a
funny pictures gallery Huge archive of funny pictures, dirty comics and sexy cartoons Click on the picture above to enter Funny Pictures Gallery Funny Pictures Gallery contains Clean and ADULT Funny ...
2_pages found, 7_links there,9943_Bonus-Points Visit me- - Sick Humor for Simple Minds!
Your daily prescription of demented humor: Click HERE to Enter Slow jokes for slow folks. Click Here. Sexy orderlies, sponge baths AND demented games. Click Here If you can find your ass, these Flash...
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Funny Doodle - Funny Pictures, Greeting Cards, Cartoons, Jokes and Fun Page
We offer great free Funny Pictures, Greeting Cards, Cartoons, Jokes and Fun Pages. FunnyPicsGallery Crazy & Clean Comedy Sexy Humor Sexy & Dirty Cartoons Legal Marijuana Alternatives privacy Weight L...
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Cartoons Funny Cartoons Comics New Funny Comics Daily Every Day Flash Anima
Cartoons Funny Cartoons Comics Funny Comics Daily Every Day New Flash Animations free download screensavers...
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1..2..3..Fun at JokesEveryDay.Com
| ††† Today's Joke for February 5th, 2003! Wife's Cat A man hated his wife's cat and he decided to get rid of it. He drove 20 blocks away from home and dropped the cat there. The cat was already walk...
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