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The Open Enterprise Research Library
The Open Enterprise Research Library is the premier source for the most up-to-date collection of valuable information from the industry's leading vendors, service providers and analyst firms. Browse o
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Ebook Templates and Book Covers
Design a professional looking ebook with our professionally designed ebook templates and ebook cover templates.
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eBookengine provides low-cost own-brand secure document delivery capability for online publishers, book retailers, professsional bodies and portals
4_pages found, 1_links there,5084_Bonus-Points Visit me now The World's Leading Source of Digital Books
The world's leading online source of ebooks, with a vast range of ebooks in popular formats, including PDF, Microsoft .LIT, Palm and MobiPocket." meta name="author" content=""
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Other important links.
The Novel Database
Listing of novels sorted by author. Users can discuss and rate the books....
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Discover Magazine
  DISCOVER MAGAZINE MAY 2003 HIGHLIGHTS COVER STORY Mars express By Robert Kunzig Next month, the Europeans may succeed where NASA has often failed by launching a lander and an orbiter to Mars. If th...
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Poetry Daily, a new poem every day.
Poetry Daily, the online web anthology and bookstore. A new poem every day, along with poetry news, archives, and more....
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Danny Yee
Book reviews, free speech and free software activism, travel writing, and more......
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 DONATE :: HELP :: POLICIES :: RSS We offer FREE online journals. Sign up and you can: Access your Web-based journal at [nickname]. Make journal entries from any computer with We...
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Fathering Magazine | Fatherhood | Fathers | Dads | Family
The online magazine for men who value fatherhood....
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Free Book Reports & Essays - book, school, free, term papers, college...
Free Book Reports & Essays - book, school, free, term papers, college......
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Matthew Lesko and Information USA
NY Times Best Selling Author: Matthew  Lesko Let Matthew be your guide to join the millions each year who get money from Uncle Sam.     Free Money Facts: Over 20 Million People Get Government Money E...
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Greenhill Books Online
Greenhill Books. We publish quality military books for specialist readers and enthusiasts, specializing in Napoleonic, World War 2, Aviation, the American Civil War and more....
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Information Today, Inc. | Books
Books Home | Browse by Title | Order Catalog | ITI Home Search Books By Category Directories Proceedings ASIST American Society of Indexers Information Science Knowledge Management Periodicals Inform...
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Visit me now - Daily Dish
Andrew Sullivan dishes. Includes Andrew's Daily Dish, interviews, Andrew's Book Club, recent articles about the war, homosexuality, culture, politics, faith, and people....
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Comic Book Resources: CBR Store
Comic Book Resources - The only comics site you have to visit....
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Scientific American: longest running science & technology magazine in Ameri
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Intelligent Enterprise Magazine
Leverage corporate information to make your organization smarter, faster, and more profitable...
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HowStuffWorks - Books
The HowStuffWorks Book Companion Site...
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Safari Books Online
  Welcome to Safari® Books Online®  Safari Books Online is the home of Safari® Tech Books Online® — the service that offers IT professionals instant access to the full text of hundreds of leading tec...
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Financial Minds - books for the financially minded
home - about us - business-minds - it-minds   General finance Corporate finance Investment Markets Risk management Financial services Home About Us Who to read About Pea...
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Windows & .NET Magazine - Windows & .NET Magazine
Windows & .NET Magazine eBook Store - A resource for purchasing quality eBooks....
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Workbooks, Teacher Worksheets, Teacher Tshirts, and much more! - Home
    52 products and 55600 Items online  Search:  Category:   Categories Fiction Books Graphic Organizers Handwriting Holidays Lang. Arts Workbooks Math Workbooks Science Workbooks Social Studies Soft...
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Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher
Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher and Virtual Library...
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Time Warner Bookmark - Home of Warner Books, Inc. and Little, Brown and Com
Time Warner Bookmark - Home of Warner Books, Inc. and Little, Brown and Company, two of the hottest houses in book publishing with Blockbusters and bestsellers in fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romanc...
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Kansas City Star Books
      Welcome to Kansas City Star Books, the premier publisher of regional books for the Hearthland and quilt books for quilters worldwide. To begin shopping, please click below to indicate whether y...
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Prentice Hall PTR
Already a member?Log in xml version="1.0"? Prentice Hall PTR publishes high-quality books on many cutting-edge topics in computer science, business, and engineering. What's New Nanotechnology: A Gent...
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HOME PAGE of the Bookstall
THE BOOKSTALL Founded in 1975 PO Box 4037 Walnut Creek ,Ca. 94596-0037 (925 947 1379) e-mail: [email protected] BY Appointment Only Henry and Louise Moises, Proprietors MEMBERS OF ANTIQUARIAN BOOK...
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ERCB: DDJ - Electronic Review of Computer Books - ERCB
    [ ERCB Home | New | Catalog | Feature | Brief | DDJ | Letters | Links | Search ] New Stuff on Our Web Server Repeat visitors should look here first. 01 24 2003 Full Text Search, Catalog, Site Map...
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The New York Review of Books: Home
'The premier literary-intellectual magazine in English language.' Featuring reviews of books, film, art, and theater as well as poems, lectures, and articles on politics, history, and current affairs....
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Circuits Assembly -- The Journal for Surface Mount and Electronics Assembly
Home News   Current News   Submit a News Item   Call for Papers Resources   Calendar of Events   Book Reviews   Industry Links   Equipment Surveys Guides   2002 Buyers' Guide   Update Your 2003 Listi...
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Comic Book Resources - Comic Book News, Reviews and Commentary - Updated Da
Comic Book Resources - The Best Comic Book News, Reviews and Commentary - Updated Daily!...
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Fictionwise: Excellence in eBooks, free eBooks, eBooks for Palm, PocketPC,
Fictionwise: Excellence in eBooks. Award winning and free eBooks for all PDAs and PCs by top Headlines! Palm, PocketPC, Hiebook, eBookMan, Adobe, MS Reader, and WinCE eBooks. Monthly contests. All new...
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rheingold's brainstorms
Howard Rheingold's books: Tools for Thought, The Virtual Community, and other Howard Rheingold writings about technology, the future, digital culture, virtual communities, social and cultural impacts...
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Encyclopedia Astronautica
Mark Wade Encyclopedia Astronautica most complete resource for rockets spacecraft launch vehicles astronauts cosmonauts spaceflight engines space history exploration...
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Oliver Willis: Like Kryptonite To Stupid
Hello, Mr. & Mrs. America - And All The Ships At Sea... HOME WRITING MAXIM BLOGGER DUBUMENTARIES February 11, 2003 Yeah, They Sound Like Close AlliesWas this: a) Bad intel for the Bush regime? b) Osa...
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The Infinite Matrix
A magazine for people who enjoy science fiction as a literature of ideas. Work by Bruce Sterling,Gene Wolfe,Marc Laidlaw,John Varley,Kathleen Ann Goonan,Pat Cadigan, Terry Bisson, Simon Ings, Michael ...
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Guardian Unlimited Books
The UK's most popularnewspaper website Go to:    Home Guardian Review By genre Reviews Top 10s Authors Games Search News Bestsellers Extracts LRB essay Links What to buy Talk Help   Tuesday February ...
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Storage Administrator
 February 10, 2003  News  Topics  Authors  Books & Reviews  Product Reviews  FAQs  Forums FREE E-Newsletters Please subscribe me to:   Storage UPDATE  Details  |  Archive  Email: More Email Newslette...
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HyperMart: Home
Home Products My Account Site Tools Reseller Support   Search     account login   User Name:       Password:           Secure Login | Reseller Login   Rewards for Resellers Do special discounts, incr...
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Pathfinder Guestbooks
Pathfinder - The Greek portal Site....
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Free Guestbooks -
Get a Free Guestbook for your website - Easy to setup and easy to use. Promote your website - Give away Free Guestbooks with Top Links to your website...
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Willkommen beim O'Reilly Verlag
xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"? Suche Bücher A-Z Neuerscheinungen Buchreihen Special Offer Programmbereiche Bioinformatik C C++ Programmierung Design & Grafik Java Linux Macintosh .Net Open ...
64_pages found, 2_links there,3065_Bonus-Points
Visit me now -- Welcome to the O'Reilly XML Center -- computer books, xm
O'Reilly is a leader in technical and computer book documentation for XML programming. The center features XML books, articles, resources, and news." meta name="keywords" content="o'reilly, c...
46_pages found, 43_links there,21762_Bonus-Points
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O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf
  Home My Safari My Bookshelf Recent Searches Recent Pages Notes Bookmarks My Account     Code Fragments only    Advanced Search " Perl " Java " Python " Web " Web Dev " XML " Linux " Unix " Mac OS X...
3_pages found, 3_links there,5965_Bonus-Points
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Guestbook Giant. Free Guestbooks online!
Get your own Free GUESTBOOK account online! Have as many guestbooks you want! In one Account!...
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Love Poems And Quotes : Romantic Love Poetry & More
Romantic love poems, love quotes, famous quotes, friendship poems, etc. Free love poetry contest....
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The Gold Ring CD & Book Store
WELCOME TO THE GOLD RING CD & BOOK STORE ONLINE Traditional Celtic Music CDs Books on Celtic Subjects The Gold Ring CD Catalog The ... ...
17_pages found, 5_links there,16329_Bonus-Points
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Franklin Electronic Publishers - Home Page
Franklin Electronic Publishers is the worldwide market leader in handheld electronic books, the popular BOOKMAN series, eBookman, Rocket eBook, producer of ROLODEX® Electronics PIMS, dictionaries, enc...
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Life Magazine Home: Books, Photos, Stories, History
It was an extraordinary year of trial and triumph, recovery and resolve. A year like no other that is captured here in 160 pages of dramatic images. LEARN MORE PHOTO: DANIELLE AUSTIN Some of LIFE's m...
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Magination Press: Special Books for Children's Special Concerns
Magination Press is an APA Publishing Unit and imprint of the Educational Publishing Foundation that publishes books for children and addresses their special concerns. Users can get ordering info, fre...
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