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adult chronic cough from pesticide exposure - Occupational Pesticide Exposures and Respiratory Health

Chronic pesticide exposure: Health effects among pesticide sprayers in Southern India. 18.6% of the pesticide sprayers reported chronic cough and phlegm as compared to only 6.1% of the persons engaged in other occupations. Organophosphorus pesticides, when exposed to skin, can result in local symptoms due to irritation and allergy. Nov 28, 2013 · There was strong evidence for an association between occupational pesticide exposure and asthma, especially in agricultural occupations. In addition, we found suggestive evidence for a link between occupational pesticide exposure and chronic bronchitis or COPD.Cited by: 93.

CHAPTER 21 Chronic Effects This chapter is a departure from the format and content of the other chapters in this manual. Rather than discussing signs and symptoms of acute poisoning, this chapter addresses chronic (also known as persistent) effects that have been asso-ciated with pesticide exposure. The information in this chapter is designed to. Asthma is a serious chronic disorder, and in some cases life-threatening disease, of the lungs characterized by recurrent attacks of bronchial constriction, which cause breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing. Researchers have found that pesticide exposure can induce a .

Jun 01, 2015 · This article aims to review the available literature regarding the link between occupational exposure to pesticides and respiratory symptoms or diseases. Identification of epidemiological studies was performed using PubMed. 41 articles were included, 36 regarding agricultural workers and five regarding industry workers. Among the 15 cross-sectional studies focusing on respiratory symptoms Cited by: 25. Evaluation of the Patient with Chronic Cough JOSEPH J. BENICH III, Patients should avoid exposure to cough-evoking irritants, such as Immunocompetent adult presents with chronic cough.