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Jan 04, 2010 · Wording for adults-only party invite archived. 1; 2 > 07079. Jan 3, 2010 at 1:42pm Edited. the house and I've made it quite clear that it was an adults only event and still a handful of kids showed up with the parents thinking, 'oh, the Kibbeboys will be there so it shouldn't be a problem'. Thing is, the Kibbeboys LIVE here and are not part. While there are, of course, many good reasons why someone would choose to turn their party into a kids-free zone, this can be a very sensitive issue for some people, mainly parent-type people. They may feel they are less welcome at your event or that you are rejecting their kids. Here’s how to avoid hurt feelings: Keep it positive.

Should I invite non-parent friends to a 1-year old birthday party? Ask Question unless you make it entirely an adult party and don't invite her. Undoubtedly there are exceptions to this, but keep that in mind. I wouldn't say it has anything to do with As well as other babies, we invited friends with older children and friends without. Jan 27, 2010 · Birthday Party - No Parents Please. Updated on January 27, 2010 etc. but for the most part the adults at the party were on their own. I think they pretty much expect that. My kids have since asked, if there is any doubt, that we write on the invitation "this is a drop off party". I usually add, "due to lack of space" if that is the reason.

Another reason to have an “adult themed” wedding is that everyone can fully enjoy wedding celebrations without being disturbed. However, some people might get offended if they are told that their kids are not invited. Here are some suggestions on how to politely give wedding invitation wording (no Author: Hazel. Modern guidelines for hosting a kid birthday party including invites, food, opening presents in front of others and the much debated, goodie bags. Children's birthday party etiquette and the basics for how many kids to invite, sending thank you cards and what “no gifts” really means at kid parties.