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What Is the Average Reading Speed? Many resources indicate that the average reading speed of most adults is around 200 to 250 words per minute. College students, probably because they must practice reading, move that pace up a notch to around 300 words per minute. The average reading speed for adults is about 300 words per minute (wpm), but many people can read much more quickly than that. According to one survey, the average college student reads about 450 wpm, and college professors can read 675 words in the same amount of time.

Studies reveal that an average individual in business reads no faster than what people did nearly 10 decades back. As such, the average reading speed also varies based on an individual’s profession. On a broader spectrum, an adult reads about 250 words per minute on an average. Apr 15, 2007 · The average reading speed of a child in primary school is around 200 words per minute (wpm). By the time we reach adulthood, it hasn't improved very much, as, on average, most adults read at a rate of about 200 - 250 wpm.

Jun 04, 2012 · World speed reading champion = 4,700 Average adult: 300 wpm To put those rates in meaningful context, I applied them to the kind of serious reading regimen favored by Author: Brett Nelson. Reading and comprehension. Words per minute is a common metric for assessing reading speed and is often used in the context of remedial skills evaluation, as well as in the context of speed reading, where it is a controversial measure of reading performance. A word in .