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provision of health care to the adult patient with Down syndrome. Key Words: adult, Down syndrome, medical care D own syndrome, also known as trisomy 21, occurs in 1 of every 691 live births in the United States.1 It is by far the most common birth defect and chromosomal disorder in live-borninfants.2 Despiteitsprevalence,thereisminimalliterature. This eMedTV page explores the needs of people with Down syndrome as they grow older, and addresses challenges they face in the workplace. This page covers Down syndrome in adults, explaining how the right assistance can lead to a longer and richer life.Author: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD.

Adult Down Syndrome Center 1610 Luther Lane Park Ridge, IL 60068 → Get directions. Schedule an Appointment. Call to schedule an appointment.* Our patient forms must be filled out prior to an initial visit. You can expect a physical exam to be performed and a complete medical history to be recorded by our experts at your first appointment. Pilot Adult Down Syndrome Clinic Denver Health and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation are piloting a clinic that will provide quality medical care to Colorado adults with Down syndrome. The clinic has Down syndrome expert – Dr. Barry Martin, M.D. – to address medical health on Mondays at the Denver Health Federico F. Peña Southwest.