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Jul 31, 2018 · Given the profile of the adult student is quite different from the recent college grad as many work full-time, have families and/or are looking for flexible courses with online components, continuing education courses that are targeted, accessible and online are seeing fast growth. What’s more, they make adult learners attractive candidates. Adult Learners Going Back to School Online Outperform Younger Students. Adult learners going back to school online can be as successful as younger students — or even more so — if they receive training in online educational technology, according to a new study in the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. Researchers at the University of Kansas compared three age groups of teachers.

There are distinct differences in the learning styles of adult learners and the younger college population. You should keep these differences in mind when designing or teaching a course with adult students.Younger Learners are Adult Learners are Subject-oriented, seeking to successfully complete each course, regardless of how the course relates to their own goals. Adult learners are offered a variety of learning and success resources. These include online program orientations, peer mentoring, virtual advising, online tutoring and an adult learner resources center.