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sperm in the urine - Clinical Background of Patients with Sperm in Their Urinary Sediment

Natural Treatment for Semen with Urine, Stop Semen Leakage during Urination. In general, semen discharge during or after urination can be caused due to weakness of the nerves and when this condition is not addressed, it can lead to several health issues in men. May 04, 2018 · This typically causes urine to be cloudy. Treatment. If semen leakage after urination occurs infrequently, you may not need any treatment. But if this is an ongoing issue, tell your doctor.Author: James Roland.

Apr 27, 2011 · WebMD explains blood in semen, including causes, related symptoms, tests, and treatments. Prostate(the gland that produces the fluid part of semen) Urethra (the tube that carries urine . Sep 11, 2015 · To date, the presence of sperm in urinary sediment has been treated as having little clinical significance and is usually seen in physiological conditions in which sperm has been incorporated into urine due to the mixing of semen components retained in the urethra following sexual activity or masturbation. The present study demonstrated that 1 Cited by: 4.

Hello, Presence of such semen like substance in urine can be due to an inflammation or infection of the prostate gland. When the prostate gland is inflamed, the pressure on the prostate during passing stools can cause expression of prostatic secretions in the urine. Mar 25, 2015 · Normal to Have Semen In Your Urine? Chrono114. May 5th, 2005. Hey everyone, I notice sometimes when I urinate it will either start out cloudy then look normal, turn cloudy in the middle then return back to normal, or the one that really freaks me out is my stream will look normal than at the end my urine looks a little thicker and just sort of.