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Asian Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgery Before and after images of Seattle Bellevue By Award Winning Beauty Theorist and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young. Back to Galleries. View Patient Details. View Patient Details. View Patient Details. 31 Crazy Before And After Photos Of Korean Plastic Surgery. In a country with the highest rate of plastic surgery worldwide, anything you want to change is possible — including eyes.

Procedure performed: Double Eyelids or Asian Crease & Epicanthoplasty Surgery Approx. procedure time: 2.5 hrs Description: Before and after photos of Double eyelid or Asian Crease Surgery along with Epicanthoplasty or Medial canthoplasty - surgery to widen the eyes at the nasal area to create less space between the nose area and to create an 5/5(28). Nov 04, 2014 · It’s no secret in Korea that plastic surgery is very common. In fact 1 out of 5 Koreans have some kind of procedure done. That extends to celebrities too. Korean celebrity plastic surgery is EXTREMELY common, especially since the pressure on celebrities to look amazing is even higher than for the average citizen.

See 48 before & after pictures of patients from SSK Plastic Surgery. Images of 20 Chinese women before and after plastic surgery draw eyes online. by benjamincost. high nose bridges and a narrow faces with pointed chins are coveted features among many Asian.