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I am building a blog about data research for a small business and thinking about providing some services. Not sure how useful it would be (not my full-time job, at least for now), but I would love to develop it slowly. Having some troubles to choose eCommerce plugin. A lot of variants to look for, but…you know tons of information on this topic. Another post I read provides nearly the same list and only a few suggestions on what to choose. Maybe I should think too much and simply install WooCommerce?
@Jhowell, Please enable debug, reset the log and make a test purchase so I can check it. .

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After that, your customers will be able to select the credit card checkout option on the WooCommere checkout page. Upload the ‘’ file from the Plugins->Add New page in the WordPress administration panel. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
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One question. I can’t seem to get the *require* shipping address to work. Is it because we’re using the donate button?
@Terri, I’m not sure what you mean. This plugin doesn’t offer Stripe. It only supports PayPal and works independently.

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Yes. The [s2Member-Profile /] Shortcode makes it easy for users to edit/update their profile upon logging into your site. See: WordPress Dashboard → s2Member → General Options → Profile Modifications for additional details and other options. Users can update their name, email address, password, and any custom fields that you've configured at Membership Levels that apply to a given user. Can Administrators Update User Profiles?

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PayPal Donation enables you to set a default currency for donations and a language for your button. You can also add pre-set donation options to your button. That way, you can suggest what amounts of money users might contribute to your cause.

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    –If IPN is already enabled, you will see your current IPN settings along with a button to turn off IPN. If that is the case, just check the confirmation box below and you are ready to go!

    WooCommerce Paypal Pro Plugin, Download Version 4.5.1, Released on November 30, 2020
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    @Michael, I’ve just released an update with this feature. Please update the plugin and see how it goes.

    Although there are many PayPal plugins you can use, in this article, we’re going to cover two WordPress plugins that we like the most. The first one is PayPal Buy Now Button. You can use it to add a simple PayPal button anywhere you want in your WordPress pages or posts. The second one is WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart, a convenient tool for adding the shopping cart functionality to your site.
    @Erika, Please provide a link to the page in question so I can take a closer look. claude

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    @Ramiro, The payment page is fully controlled by PayPal. But It should also show an option to pay with a card. khristy

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    Also, if you are into selling photographs, then this plugin has something for you. You can simply and effectively sell photographs by using the NextGen Photo Gallery plugin. Smart shopping carts and the ability to add items to the cart and checkout easily is one of the best features of this plugin.

    Same problem – I don’t think that this a bug in your plugin but rather something has gone sideways with Paypal’s sandbox
    Quickly bring together all your customer and billing data into a powerful subscription data platform.

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There is also the option to create whole new pages for the product manufacturers and categories to provide necessary information to your customers. However, one of the best features you get with the plugin would be the advanced search functionality, complete with advanced filtering, sorting, and product/service(whatever you are selling) comparison. Advanced search functionality with options to filter and sort search results. Option to include different shipping methods and tax types depending on the product/service being sold. Create new pages for product categories and manufacturers to provide more information. Customization freedom with access to plenty of design options and prebuilt templates. Social media integration for quick user logins.

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I have installed everything correctly for PayPal Advanced except I get this error when I try to pay for the cart:

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This wordpress plugin is the first development phase of a full-featured WordPress online commerce application using the third-party cart service Mal’s E-commerce ( Version 1 provides simple product buy buttons as a shortcode to include in your WordPress pages and posts. Clicking the button sends the customer to the shopping cart and adds the product to the cart.

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