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Businesses of all shapes and sizes use the internet to increase their sales by setting up a shopping cart on a WordPress website. In turn, the ecosystem has fed this need by providing themes and plugins designed specifically for eCommerce.

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Depending on your business, you may want to give customers the opportunity to customize their purchase. With Product Add-Ons, your customers can engrave products or add gift messages to their purchases.
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On the other hand, we have a more “cookie-cutter” platform like Shopify. I like it for the simplicity and feature-set, but some people feel like the customization falls flat.
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Hello — After trying several PayPal plugins, I’ve settled on this one, the best. Know that I’m mediocre with code so what I’m asking might not be possible.
This extension adds on-site credit card checkout functionality on your WooCommerce site. Your customers will enter the credit card on your checkout page (they never leave the site to do the transaction).

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Google Pay is a payment processor that integrates with Android phones and the Google infrastructure. It enables customers to pay for things using the details stored within Google Pay and authorize transactions from their phone.

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It should work great with other themes, too. You may just need to adjust the styling a little bit.

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    If you don’t have the simple shopping cart plugin already then visit the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin page to download a copy now.

    Price: This awesome plugin is downloadable for free. Grab a copy today and start your online store.
    For video tutorial, screenshots, detailed documentation, support and updates, please visit:

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    Page elements are also a mix. Some back to back elements and some with lots of white space between them. They could easily be tuned to deliver the kind of experience you think suitable for your target audience with minimal effort.

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    Any thoughts on WP Easycart? It’s a major player now, but is rarely mentioned. I like that multiple gateways are supported for life.

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    You will have the right to keep contact with visitors manually and remind them about the abandoned cart. You could offer them an additional discount on the cart by sending them a coupon in order to persuade them.

    Ritvars is the marketing lead at Sellfy. With over 6 years of experience in online marketing & eCommerce, Ritvars shares his knowledge in Sellfy blog. He is inspired by the success of Sellfy creators and is passionate about finding new ways how he can help them succeed.
    In other words, WooCommerce only functions as a builder for the e-commerce part of the site.

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    Easy Digital Downloads is an e-commerce plugin solution aimed at – you guessed it – digital downloads only. The mantra of the plugin is to simply offer everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s minimalism at its finest!

    I set up buttons on a client’s website and got word last night that a product was sold but he never got notification. His email address is setup and the settings but so was “Check this option if you want to enable PayPal sandbox for testing” — should I not have checked testing? Or should I check debug? The worst thing to happen is for clients to lose money with me. Please help.
    I am deploying woo-commerce SEO on several eCommerce websites. It really works for optimizing website according product category most of user appreciate this woo-commerce SEO. Also Bootstrap introduce as life saver for web designers to design responsive websites.

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There are plenty of plugins available for integrating your WooCommerce store with PayPal. Now the real headache is going to be choosing the right plugin to do the job. This article will help you sort the issue by helping you get to know about the best PayPal plugins available.

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Logically, the first thing to do is to install and activate the PayPal Buy Now Button WordPress plugin.

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Yes. In addition to the supporting market of extensions and plugins that’s grown up around WooCommerce, the WordPress development community has also embraced the plugin through the active development of several WooCommerce-compatible themes.

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