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Mar 27, 2011 · But the noose was already constricting her neck. She pulled on her tiptoes and was hyperventilating from the emotion, and when the pressure rised so high that she was unable to breathe she panicked. Her hand closed on the switch and her feet searched to reach a support. The spectator looked at her as her dance was great. Tears were running down her cheeks leaving dark trails of mascara in their wake. Sandra's legs were starting to shake when his hand pulled the noose down and over her head. As he tightened the noose around her slender neck she lost control and wet herself, gushing pee down her thighs and splashing into a puddle over and around her high heels.

Dec 17, 2011 · female sex fantasies life fantasizing rape fantasy sexual assault rapist sexy womens woman sexuality feminine empowerment desire versus gender orientation relationships dating sex. Category Archives: Asphyxia Stories. Tales of asphyxia-related situations. A model during a photo shoot expresses curiosity about a purple noose. Gianna wants to become a member of Pi Omicron Ro Nu and must submit to sexual asphyxiation. Continue reading.

BDSM noose stories. Read 9 free noose erotic stories on AdultRead. active combine search more. a noose! I told that her hands would be fastened behind her back, a noose placed around her neck and the rope passed over the hook and that she would be raised onto her tip toes. The difference this time was that she wore a noose around her neck. Her treatments last twenty-five days. She never processes more than four slaves at a time. Attitude adjustment requires she spend several hours every day with each male. The male is locked in a dark room with stone walls and floor. One wall has shackles. Another a hanging rack of punishment implements. In the corner there is a small hole in the.