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Huge autosurf traffic Exchange network
Free to join, 2,500 credits for signup, your site will recive huge quality traffic free. reffer others and recive even more site shows. unlimited number of url's. Huge resources directory...
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Certified:8/2004 Status:Bonus Partner
Link Info: PL-1 SP-1 SC-1 Votes:NO REPORT:NO
Check Status Traffic Exchange
Looking to increase traffic to your website we have a 10:8 ratio. We will put your site on autohits with free 1,000 sign up credits.
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promote your websites or banners for FREE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
12Network AutoSurf is a Autosurf Traffic Exchange System that employed Advanced Anti-Cheat System that allow only 1 unique IP address per account activated through a valid email address.
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Receive 250 Visitors just for the free Sign Up !!!!! 10D Autohits
* Surf ratio 5:4 * After every 100 sites earn 10 bonus credits * Upgrade your account to Silver & get Surf ratio 1:2 (1:5)
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1 Golden Rule for free online Directories - please do not delete refs !
We hope you enjoy this free information service and find what you seek. Please stay fair and do not delete referral ID's. It brings no advantage. If you stay fair, others will do the same to your ID's
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A Lot O' Traffic Autosurf  Sign Up Now!! 3000 Credits for free!!
You can earn credits at Lot O' Traffic Lot O' Traffic Autosurf  10 views earns you 6 credits Popups Allowed Daily Contests with 20 winners a Day!!! Earn bonuses while you surf ...
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DHE - Free to join Traffic Exchange
Welcome to Daniel's Hit Exchange. 1,000 Bonus Credits For Every Referral you sign up! Daniels-hit-exchange has put online the largest clicking competition 2:1 Exchange Ratio Monthly clicking contest
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Fastlane-Traffic - Delivering quality visitors to your site for FREE!
Fastlane-Traffic: Great 3:2 Startpage Exchange!! Free Targeted Visitors to your Website! 1:1 surfing ratio for banners Receive random bonus credits as you surf Earn ca$h when your referrals upgrade
9_pages found, 7_links there,122458_Bonus-Points Visit me now Free to Join 2:1 Surfing 1,000 Points Just for Signing up
Global best free auto-surfer on the internet Free to Join 2:1 Surfing Ratio 30 Second Timer
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Global Traffic Pro autosurf website traffic exchange
The 24 7 AutoSurf Internet Traffic Exchange. Are you looking for a better way to promote your website? We have the answer. Global Traffic Pro Autosurf. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ...
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Finnhosting Hits Join FREE and get 1000 free credits.
Welcome to Finnhosting Hits Join FREE and get 1000 free credits. GOLD members can SELL credits to other members. Refer to others and get 10% from your referrals credits. 5 sec timer for fast visits ..
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sunrise-surf your own personal Auto Surf Area
Sunrise Surf 1:1 ratio, 15 seconds timer, 250 signup bonus, 1 popup allowed. The best way to promote today! surf through other members sites for 15 seconds each. For every 2 members sites you get 1
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Surf and Traffic Autosurf 2500 Signup Bonus Rated good !
Surf and Traffic Autosurf 2500 Signup Bonus Check out the information below to see how you can earn credits at Surf and TrafficSurf and Traffic AutoSurf Earn Money With Your Website
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Hits-4-U Your Site Will Be Shown To Thousands Of Members Free Signup Credit
number 1 auto traffic exchange for free hits the exchange that cares, get free hits to your web site and earn credits from referrals. Receive 2500 FREE Credits Upon Sign-Up To Start You Off!!
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Hits for - Where Traffic Means Business 1:1 Exchange
All you need for Web Traffic: banner manager Surf for hits mailing lists website rotator pop under exchange and much more join for free....
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HitsPages Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange - Free Traffic For Your Website
250 Free Hits, Just For Signing Up! Free Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange where you can trade traffic with other webmasters
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Surfing4Hits Traffic Exchange 1000 Signup Bonus Credits! 2:1 Surf
Welcome to Surfing4Hits. Surfing4Hits is being developed to assit the marketing efforts of Internet Business, small and large, worldwide. Every active member will be given a PRO Membership and 3000 CR
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Auto Surf Traffic Exchange Banner Exchange Autohits
Auto Surf Traffic Exchange banner exchange 5 referral levels 10 sec timer 321 free hits 2000 credits per referral to website autohits exchange.
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TrafficChaser Traffic Chaser Finding All The Traffic You Need
Traffic Chaser Finding All The Traffic You Need . Get 15.000 Credits just for joining. fast Auto- or manual surfer
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Get Targeted Traffic Now - We give you 1500 FREE hits When You Join !
Get Hits with BigHits4u the auto surf traffic exchange. Fast 15 second timer and many good surfsites. Receive a link you can use forever sent to email address with over 400 ebooks....
13_pages found, 9_links there,105632_Bonus-Points Visit me now guaranteed traffic hits for your website
Surf for hits and get 1 visitors for each page viewed on our traffic web site Increase your website's visitors instantly! Sign up and get the targeted traffic you have been looking for in minutes ...
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Ez Auto Surf Your Site Is Being Shown To Thousands
Ez Auto Surf 1:1 ratio, 10 seconds timer, 500 signup bonus, pop ups free. The best way to promote today! Visit A Lot Of Interesting Web Sites. All This Is Done 100% Automatically!!
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HitGadget - traffic creator autosurf program join free surf fast
Facts about the HITGADGET service. A Free simple Auto Surfer 1:1 exchange ratio 10% referral earnings 30 seconds timer Promote Unlimited number of Sites. surf for cash
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Welcome to The Global Traffic Exchange Earn 2% cash for 100 sites you surf
Get paid to surf! Free web site promotion tool. Auto surf traffic exchange. Earn unlimited hits absolutely free. Do some math to get your ideal distribution of hits
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MxTraffic Very Low Payout of $2 5000 Sign up credits Fast Surf for Money
MxTraffic is the latest NavExpress web site. Paid to Surf Very Low Payout of $2. Get 5000 Sign up credits. 1000 credits per referral Surf Ratio 1:0.8 to 1
14_pages found, 9_links there,110236_Bonus-Points Visit me now
Certified:4/2004 Status:Bonus Partner
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes:NO REPORT:NO 4% A DAY Dollar Doubler Make up to double
4% A DAY Dollar Doubler Make up to double your upgrade payments in just 50 DAYS Earn up to 4% of your Member Level for any DAY you view 300 member web pages. Upgrades are $100 each up to $5,000
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Welcome To HitsVirus you need traffic to? 7 seconds timer
Signup for a FREE account below and recieve 100 website hits ABSOUTELY FREE! After you signup you can login to your account and view other members sites, in exchange you will recieve visitors to your
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Surf4Gold Earn 1% Daily Surf for cash free to join
We Pay YOU to Advertise your Websites! We Are Here For YOU 24 7 365 Days A Year! We pay YOU 1% Daily To Just To Surf 100 Sites! Surf For Gold! 15 Second Refresh Time -1000 Free Hits $10 min. Payout
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Surfing4Hits Traffic Exchange Fast rotation auto surf the web
Welcome to Surfing4Hits is being developed to assit the marketing efforts of Internet Business, small and large, worldwide. Traffic Exchange Fast rotation auto surf the web
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01likeit Traffic Exchange 500 Sign up Bonus Credits Earnings
Why are we called 01likeit? Because we are going to offer what 01 else can for your Credits. The Network Surf allows your Webpages and Referral pages to be viewed by surfers from Every TrafficExchange
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ProTraffic Pro-creators Surf with the Best - 1000 free credits to join
We have added some services to help promote your site.Banning mod to block hostnames of violating websites,We have a 20 sec timer also recieve credits from your referrals We have added e-gold payment
21_pages found, 19_links there,119657_Bonus-Points Visit me now Cash Surfer Auto-Surf Exchange!
Auto-Surf Exchange! Upgrade to earn more, buy credits one time and you get the ability to sell credits back to the admin.
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Activetraffic Exchange is dedicated to providing quality services
to assist each member in achieving their online marketing goals. FREE TO JOIN! 2:1 Exchange Ratio, 10% of Referrals traffic. Promote Up to 10 URLs Instant Site Approval 20 Second Timer ...
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1-1 Autosurf traffic exchange & free directory Surf4cash Bonus-Link!
Welcome to Surf4cash! - Autosurf Traffic Exchange. Our autosurf traffic exchange & directory provides you with all the traffic your website needs!
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Certified: 04/2004 Status: BONUS Partner
Link Info: PL-1 SP-1 SC-1 Votes: YES Reports: NO

Cruise Control© Auto-surfing at it's best! 500 FREE VISITORS - Only one Pop-up No Rotators No Adult Content of offensive material No Frame Breakers Or redirects
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Surf 4 join for free receive $5 in cash! and quality Traffic
Surf4Cash offers each member the opportunity to receive quality Traffic or Cash! When you join for free receive 100 manual credits, 500 auto credits, 1,000 Banner impressions, 1,500 Text Impressions
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Double your traffic in seconds with Cyper-
Join us in celebrating our Grand Opening and help make Cyber-Hits the #1 Traffic Exchange. Free members get a 2 for 1 ratio
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CashVisitors We pay You for surfing Earn up to 100 $ Daily get your 10 $
Cash Visitors pays you for surfing 100 Websites a day. Use the autosurfer to earn online money. Put your Website in rotation and get much more visitors. Low Payout join for free and get 10 Dollar...
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AutoSurfProfit Welcome to the best autosurf around. Payout as low as $5.00
At AutoSurfProfit you can advertise ALL of your Web businesses and sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for FREE. Thats right, AutoSurfProfit is FREE to join. 20 sec. surf timer - 1,000 surf credits
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Surf Salary Traffic Exchange
Surf Salary is one of the leading profit sharing internet advertising company that will pay you to surf and visit our advertiser's websites! Earn from $0.13 up to $130 a day auto viewing websites
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BelgiumTraffic International AutoSurf Exchange! Bonus Link Tested !
Autosurf hitbar HIT SPECIAL   FREE International AutoSurf Exchange! No more clicking! Would you like to receive unlimited FREE hits to your website
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Booster Hits Premier Autosurf Exchange
5,000 signup bonus, 8 seconds timer, 5 referral levels, no pop ups, paid for surfGET PAID TO CLICKS ADVERTISER LINKS! SIGN TODAY! Sonic Xpress FFA! JOIN FREE AND GET 500 FREE BANNER ADS1100.75Booster
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Non-StopHits Traffic Exchange
  Non-StopHits Traffic Exchange autosurfer with fast timer 
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Auto Hits Paid To Surf Traffic Exchange! There are 11.479 members
There are 11479 members!!! Get paid to AutoSurf and Manual Surf Get paid to click! Get paid to send traffic to autohitsnow! Get paid to Refer others! Cash Bonuses to the top surfers!
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Super Fast Hits Autosurf Bonus Hits for joining
Super Fast Hits Autosurf.You get 50 Bonus Credits for joining. Fast Autosurf program - 12 seconds timer - no login needed .
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Quiet Surfer Webhit Generator no-wonder BONUS LINK ! Join Today Free
Totally Automatic real people TRAFFIC GENERATION! Don't CLICK CLICK CLICK.... just sit back and watch our WaveSurfer earn you credits and expose your Website! Very good webtraffic generator.
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4 hitz Autohitz traffic system Join for today receive 10000 hits
- It's FREE  good  system to get AutoHits for viewing other sites. Join for today and receive 10000 credits
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AutoSurf4e-gold Traffic Exchange profit sharing internet advertising
Membership is FREE. 1,000 signup credits or 10,000 banner impressions 1:0.8 Traffic Exchange Ratio 500 credits FREE when referral activate their account. 100 credits FREE for every 500 sites surfed.
23_pages found, 19_links there,111256_Bonus-Points Visit me now
Certified: 01/2004 Status: BONUS PARTNER
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes: YES Reports: NO

Cash 1000 credits and 2:1 surf ratio to join free
1000 credits and 2:1 surf ratio to join free and YOU get $1 to join Free. When YOU upgrade to the first level YOU pay $10.00 and earn 3% daily. Payout is at $15 or YOU can use earnings to upgrade.
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Certified: 01/2004 Status: BONUS PARTNER
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes: YES Reports: NO

Sleep4Hits Website Traffic automatically Surf and earn BONUS LINK ! TESTED
Sleep for Hits is a fast and good automated Traffic earn system. Join today it's tested by Webmasters
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Studio Join StudioTraffic now! Its free earn 160% money back
Join StudioTraffic now! Its free and no money needed at all! Autosurf for spots! Enter your free spots in Studio matrix and earn 160% money back! Not only do you get paid for autosurf, you also get t
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Autosurf - Exchange Traffic - Its free and revolutionary
Are you looking for new customers or visitors for your website? We have a totally new visitor-exchange system that will drive real, human visitors to your website. Those visitors will stay ...
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The easiest click exchange and website rotator to operate delivering unlimited FREE advertising to your website. StormHits provides the best marketing solution for webmasters on a zero or low budget!
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KickStart 16.412 members! until December 2003 - Fast Traffic Tested BONUS
16412 members!   Join Today!   Affiliate Program   KickStart your websites with Cruise Control for web-traffic! Give your Site a KickStart! Join the KickStartHits Exchange Today! BONUS LINK !
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Certified: 1/2004 Status: BONUS PARTNER
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes: YES Reports: NO

2ALL TRAFFIC EXCHANGE ::: Auto surf traffic
Free web site promotion tool. Auto surf traffic exchange. Earn unlimited hits absolutely free. Do some math to get your ideal distribution of hits
12_pages found, 9_links there,246321_Bonus-Points Visit me now
Certified: 02/2004 Status: BONUS PARTNER
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes: YES Reports: NO

Stop clicking for hits and use our FREE automated Explosure system!
Totally Automatic real people TRAFFIC GENERATION! Don't CLICK CLICK CLICK.... just sit back and watch our WaveSurfer earn you credits and expose your Website! Tested by Webmaster
12_pages found, 18_links there,208789_Bonus-Points Visit me now the surf Starts here ! BONUS LINK JOIN TODAY !
Would you like to receive unlimited FREE!Traffic to your site without clicking your mouse? When using our system, your site is being shown to thousands of users from around the world, 24 hours a day
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ClickValet Join Today and earn hits
8_pages found, 6_links there,129124_Bonus-Points Visit me now

Auto Surf Pro No-Wonder Bonus Link
Auto Surf Pro continues it's rapid growth since it's inception in July of 2002. We provide a service to an enormous market. A market that grows by 100,000's of people each and every day
7_pages found, 8_links there,139998_Bonus-Points Visit me now

Sprutt .com Auto Traffic Exchange No-Wonder BONUS-LINK
Welcome to SPRUTT.COM  Auto Surfer  1:1 ratio  5 referral levels 15% earnings each  100 credits Referral bonus on all 5 levels.  Tested by No-Wonder - heavy free traffic !
11_pages found, 9_links there,281247_Bonus-Points Visit me now
Certified: 2/2004 Status: BONUS PARTNER
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes: YES Reports: NO

Emerald Hits .com Get the Hits You Deserve
Start Surfing to earn points! Free To Join Exchange 1:1 500 Credits For Joining 500 Credits Per Referral 10 Level Referral Point System Fast 10 Sec Timer or 30 on Auto Reward Pages
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AutoHits | Automatically traffic to your websites Bonus-Link
Would you like to receive unlimited hits to your site?I have recommended it to all our members and from what I am hearing back they love it. Tested by No-Wonder Bonus-Link Status
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If you prefer a high-speed autosurfer and tons of  traffic...and maybe some cash ... NOTHING WILL BEAT H I T L I T E !  Bonus-Link because really works good! Webmaster Tested by TestTheRest
11_pages found, 7_links there,178896_Bonus-Points Visit me now
Certified: 12/2003 Status: BONUS PARTNER
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes: YES Reports: NO

Free Traffic , Referrals, Hits - Extreme
Free traffic tools and resources. Get thousands of free hits to your site! Make money for referrals and earn 100% profits!
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Shalom Auto Hits Tested Bonus Link
ShalomAutoHits - the Automatic Traffic Generatorfor Peace of Mind!  Welcome to Shalom Do you want high traffic to your website?Do you want to see your hit counters soar?Do you want peace
12_pages found, 8_links there,266856_Bonus-Points Visit me now
web promotion for traffic and traffic exchanges,banner exchange, ,banners ,pro-banner,scripts and flash, flash creators,pro-creators,pro-safelist and probannerexchange
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ServerGridlock Traffic Exchange Tested by Traffic tools
There are many active members!!! ***ServerGridlock Traffic Exchange*** Join for free anf get massive traffic
8_pages found, 6_links there,185236_Bonus-Points Visit me now

Never Clicking fast auto traffic
When using our 'neverclicking' system, your site will be seen by thousands of users from around the world... 2:1 Ratio! Receive unlimited FREE For every two sites shown in your browser, your website
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Hits.TV -- FREE Ttraffic, 5 Referral Levels! Make money on the internet an
Would you like to receive unlimited FREE hits to your site? Welcome to Hits.TVHits.TV is a free traffic system for webmasters.When using Hits.TV system, your site will be seen by thousands of users
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Give your site a visitorrush. Brings many new visitors to your website. Free Traffic and Website Hits. Join today and get a BONUS! Testted by Webmaster
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Auto SurfWeb - Paid To Surf-Traffic Exchange
 Auto SurfWeb - Paid To Surf-Traffic Exchange Increase your visitors and profit by AutoSurfing in! We pay you to advertise! autosurfw
29_pages found, 12_links there,104563_Bonus-Points Visit me now One of the best Autohitter BONUS-LINK! One of the best Autohitter i've ever seen. Join now or free and increase Your websites traffic BONUS-LINK! Tested as real good!
12_pages found, 6_links there,380957_Bonus-Points Visit me now
Certified: 11/2003 Status: BONUS PARTNER
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes: YES Reports: NO

MOJO Hits Traffic Exchange
MOJO Hits Traffic Exchange   Advertise in our site. Click here for info Members Paid Email Mojo Web Hosting Mojo Recommends Mojo SCAM Alert! Terms Home Page Contact Us Surf Comp Stats Banner Advertis
11_pages found, 9_links there,89632_Bonus-Points Visit me now

Autohits Here you will get 144 visitors per hour! BONUS-LINK
Do you have this problem: You have put up a good homepage, but don't have enough visitors to it? With this problem belongs to the past: -) Here you get 144 visitors ..BONUS-LINK
11_pages found, 5_links there,199215_Bonus-Points Visit me now - FREE Advertising Solutions BONUS LINK JOIN TODAY IT'S TESTED is a free advertising system specialize in driving free traffic to web sites. Many new visitors and still growing. Tested by TestTheRest Webmasters with certified Traffic Analysis ! Join
9_pages found, 4_links there,152542_Bonus-Points Visit me now

Speeding Bullet Bonus Link Tested
Would you like to receive unlimited FREE hits to your site without clicking?   Welcome to SpeedingBullet!! SpeedingBullet  is a unique system for owners of web sites wanting high exposure. No Wonder
12_pages found, 6_links there,139231_Bonus-Points Visit me now

Auto Hitting
Welcome to AutoHitting allows you to exchange views of your site in exchange for you viewing other members sites. You will be able to do this automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a we
9_pages found, 8_links there,91235_Bonus-Points Visit me now

AutoSurfExpress provides REAL VISITORS
AutoSurfExpress provides REAL VISITORS to any website - our service and prices are hard to beat!
16_pages found, 231_links there,67523_Bonus-Points Visit me now

Earn Traffic or Earn Cash - Unlimited hits visitors leads hit exchange
Earn Traffic or Earn Cash - Unlimited hits visitors leads hit exchange # Promote multiple web sites, not just one # Free credits bonuses # Buy credits twice cheaper
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Smile Injection Traffic-Generator for free Kick- Ass Auto-Surf BONUS-LINK
Traffic-Generator for freeTry out and get many visitors..only Kick- Ass Auto-Surf Try it many hits a day for free ...  Tested Bonus Link No-Wonder     
213_pages found, 412_links there,239981_Bonus-Points Visit me now
Certified: 10/2003 Status: BONUS PARTNER
Link Info: PL-1 SP-0 SC-0 Votes: YES Reports: NO


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