How to Tie a Monkey's Fist Knot: Step by Step Guide to Make Your Own - how to tie the monkey fist


how to tie the monkey fist -

Monkey Fist. How to tie the Monkey Fist Knot. The origin of the Monkey's Fist knot is as a heaving line knot used on ships of sail of yesteryear. However, the knot is now more popular as a decorative knot and can be found in sizes small to large: from key chains to door stopper weights. A monkey’s fist keychain! Variations on the Monkey’s Fist. If you use a larger sphere as the innards of the monkey’s fist, such as a golf ball, you’ll need to use more than three loops for each direction. You can buy a jig or make your own. You can also use the monkey’s fist as the end of the rope.Author: Andrew.