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With over 20 years of experience in drug addiction and alcohol abuse treatment, Substance Intervention, LLC can help you or your loved one build a path to a new future through rehab and recovery from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Teens who have chronic pain may also be at risk. With chronic pain, teens may have to take prescription opioids for relief, and can become addicted. Other risk factors include teens with a history of substance abuse, or teens with a family history of drug abuse.

Healthy Children > Ages & Stages > Teen > Substance Use > Intervention Strategies for Concerned Parents Ages & Stages Listen. Español. Text Size. Intervention Strategies for Concerned Parents. Teens who abuse alcohol or other drugs can be as secretive as undercover agents, leading double lives. In Partnership for a Drug-Free America's. Research evidence supports the effectiveness of various substance abuse treatment approaches for adolescents. Examples of specific evidence-based approaches are described below, including behavioral and family-based interventions as well as medications. Each approach is designed to address specific aspects of adolescent drug use and its consequences for the individual, family, and society.

Apr 01, 2019 · Finally, the earlier teens start using substances, the greater their chances of continuing to use substances and developing substance use problems later in life. When teens begin drinking at an early age, they increase the chance of becoming addicted to or continuing to abuse substances later in life. Guide for Pediatricians.